Health Care

Canada has one of the best health care systems in the world, yet in this province we continue to struggle with wait times and access to services, even something as basic as an ambulance. With an aging population, we must do more to ensure that we have a health care system that is accountable while meeting the needs of residents.

Job Creation and Stable Economic Development

We’ve seen tremendous benefits from the development of the oil industry in our province. But we cannot rest; we must do more to ensure that young people have opportunities here at home. We must continue to grow our economy to build on the expertise we have developed in oil and gas and ocean technology.

Child Care and Education

Education is a top priority. It underpins the success of our families and our economy. There are a growing number of young families in Windsor Lake who are struggling to find child care and are concerned about opportunities for their children. For them, it is time to implement full day Kindergarten and invest in the growing school infrastructure needs in the district.

Urban Issues

City taxpayers carry an extra burden because of outdated and unreasonable provincial policies. It’s time for a new fiscal relationship between the province and the City of St. John’s, and greater co-operation on issues such as housing, urban transit and services for seniors.